When You Should Get Started

When is the best time to begin orthodontics?

Though an orthodontist can enhance a smile at any age, there is an optimal time period to begin treatment. Beginning treatment at the RIGHT time ensures the best result and the least amount of time and expense. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that the initial orthodontic evaluation should occur at the first sign of orthodontic problems or on average at age 7. At this early age, orthodontic treatment is usually not necessary, but a thorough examination can anticipate the most advantageous time to begin treatment.

What are the benefits of early orthodontic evaluation?

An early orthodontic evaluation in the mixed dentition while baby teeth are present provides an opportunity to detect and provide interceptive treatment, if required, to guide growth and development which may prevent more serious problems later on. When orthodontic intervention is not necessary, Dr Kandasamy will carefully monitor growth and development and begin treatment when it is ideal. REMEMBER, early evaluation does not mean early treatment. Not every child will benefit from treatment early. At West Australian Orthodontics we are mindful of providing timely and efficient treatment and aim to avoid spending unnecessary time and money correcting a problem that does not need to be corrected until later on.

What are the advantages of interceptive treatment?

  • Creating room for crowded, erupting teeth
  • Creating facial balance if practical and possible through guiding dental and jaw growth
  • Reducing the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth
  • Eliminating oral habits capable of negatively affecting normal dental development
  • Improving patient’s self esteem
  • Preserving space for unerupted teeth
  • Reducing the need for tooth removal in the future if practical
  • Reducing future treatment time with braces