Invisalign is one of the most effective and aesthetic ways to treat most orthodontic concerns. At West Australian Orthodontics, Dr Kandasamy has always been committed to delivering the best Invisalign orthodontic treatment.

So what are the Invisalign basics:


    – Capable of treating most concerns, Invisalign is the most advanced clear aligner treatment available


    – Clear aligners are removable allowing for good dental hygiene both brushing and flossing during treatment
    – There are no dietary restrictions as you remove them for eating. You can eat what you want!

Clear aligners

    – Compared to braces, they’re discrete while in treatment
    – They are almost invisible and very comfortable


    – They need to be worn 22 hours a day, 7 days a week
    – New aligners may be changed either every 7-14 days depending on your treatment plan

With so many Invisalign providers what is the difference?

Please remember Invisalign is only a product. It is appreciating the nature of the problem and the understanding the mechanics of how Invisalign works which is the difference between efficient and accurate results. Dr Kandasamy dedicates himself to applying this knowledge to achieving your new smile.

What do you want to know about Invisalign?