Dr Kandasamy was recently invited to speak at the Australian Society of Orthodontists’ Foundation for Research and Education’s meeting in Brisbane.

Dr Kandasamy received the P.Raymond Begg Research Award for his outstanding research into temporomandibular dysfunction, orthodontics and occlusion.  The P.Raymond Begg Research Award is the Australian Society of Orthodontists’ Foundation for Research and Education’s most prestigious award for an outstanding original research paper, or series of papers, with significance to orthodontics. Dr Kandasamy is the seventh orthodontist in 36 years to receive this award since its inception in 1980. He is the first West Australian to ever receive this award too! As a result of winning this award, Dr Kandasamy presented the prestigious Gerry Dickinson Memorial lecture.

Also on the Friday night at the Heritage Customs House, the Foundation and the Australian Orthodontic Journal celebrated 50 years of continuous publication.  This was a landmark moment for the journal and orthodontics in Australia. Dr Kandasamy has been the associate editor of this journal since 2012.

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