Dr Kandasamy was recently in NZ for a lightning quick lecture presentation. It was for primarily for the main New Zealand Dental Association pre-conference day long masterclass, aimed at providing clinicians with an update on the diagnosis and management of orofacial pain in a general dental and auxiliary health practice environment. There was significant focus on integrating the latest evidence in a ‘clinically applicable’ manner to provide participants with an update on the management of a variety of orofacial pain conditions.

Pain is more than just pain. There many layers of issues that present in a pain patient which needs to be understood. Psychology and the mental and emotional state of the patient have a significant influence on how one deals with their pain. Quality sleep, exercise and a healthy nutritional diet, are just a few factors than can contribute to improving the well-being of a pain patient.

Current research is all about understanding the psychosocial aspect, genetic component and the various comorbidities that play a significant role in a patient with pain. Basically, the PSYCHOLOGICAL component to pain cannot be ignored!

Dr Kandasamy presented on the latest evidence based scientific data regarding the relationship of orthodontics and TMD as well as occlusion. He was joined by several experts from around the world to talk on this day.

It was a very quick trip and after two days Dr Kandasamy was soon back in Perth ready to get back to his patients in private practice.


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